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    Company Profile

    Digea Digital Provider Inc. was established by the shareholders of the private national TV network stations ALPHA, ALTER, ANTENNA, MAKEDONIA TV, MEGA, SKAI and STAR.

    The company’s main activity is to provide networking and multiplexing, as well as network broadcasting both for the aforementioned shareholders, and for any other legitimate TV station wishing to use its services. In essence, Digea creates the network and transfers the content of the channels, as delivered to its systems. To date, 21 channels utilize Digea’s high quality signal transfer without any problems in downloading content to viewers.

    Company name

    The name “Digea” derives from the combination of the words “Digital” and “Gaea” (Earth, in Greek), signifying the terrestrial digital platform. By combining the modern digital era with the very origin of our world, the Earth, Digea expresses and highlights the idea of our transition to this new era both in its name as well as in its operations.

    Our institutional role

    Since its establishment in 2009, Digea also operates institutionally, playing an active role in the digital switchover project in Greece and offering the knowledge and experience of its staff to the public. Digea’s highest priority is to implement a smooth and effective transition to the digital era, and has thus played an active role from the beginning, both in formal and systematic public information, while cooperating with the institutions and the market for all the necessary actions required to be implemented at each stage of digital switchover.

    More specifically, based on Joint Ministerial Decision (J.M.D.) 21161/2008, Digea implements the digital switchover project, having the perfect equipment, the necessary infrastructure as well as trained manpower at the service of private television stations, both national and local.

    Communication activities

    Digea has played a dynamic role in informing and protecting the public by implementing an extremely broad communications programme, which includes massive information campaigns through the television, the www.digea.gr website, a call centre working 7 days a week, but also an extensive presence in social media (YouTube Channel: DigeaDTT, Facebook: Digea - A Wonderful Digital World!, Twitter: digea, LinkedIn: Digea, Google+: Digea). Moreover, targeted actions take place in close cooperation with representatives of local government in the regions. The aim of these local actions is to provide correct information and ensure timely adjustment for the population directly affected by discontinuation of analogue TV and transition to terrestrial digital TV.


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