Welcome to the digital era!

Goals & achievements

The transition from the analogue to the digital “era” is a leap of advancement in the world of television. It’s a progression not only regarding picture and sound quality, but also in the way we, as viewers, have learnt to use the medium to this day. By moving on to a technologically more evolved environment with more capabilities and television functionalities, our choices as viewers will simply multiply. We are no longer far from a reality where we won’t only watch TV, but we’ll show what want.

Our goal

Having been granted all frequency spectrum usage rights of national and regional coverage [on February 7, 2014], our primary goal was to construct the country’s new digital terrestrial network and to successfully conclude the switchover from analogue to digital television.

By having the required knowledge, each one of us was passionate and totally committed in “delivering” the digital signal all over Greece with the least possible involvement from the Greek citizens.

At the same time, we work continuously in order to upgrade the television experience.


With the introduction of our company in September 2009, we began implementing the groundwork for the country’s digital switchover as defined by the State.

Based on corresponding Joint Ministerial Decisions which refer to the transitional period of digital television [mainly J.M.D. 21161/12-8-2008, G.G. 1680/Β’/20-8-2008 in conjunction with article 14 of Law 3592/18-7-2007, G.G. 161/Α’/19-7-2007], by the end of 2013 we have activated 13 broadcasting centers throughout Greece, giving access to the free digital terrestrial signal to over 70% of the country’s population.

Following the conclusion of the digital terrestrial switchover, we have activated 156 broadcasting centers as defined by current legislation [J.M.D. 42800/05-10-2012, G.G. 2704/Β’/5-10-2012], and boost the digital signal coverage to 96,3% of the Greek population.

Note: Joint Ministerial Decisions are only available in Greek.