Welcome to the digital era!

Company profile


Digea - Digital Services Provider S.A. is the company that has been formed by the privately-owned nationwide television stations ALPHA, ALTER, ANTΕΝΝΑ, MAKEDONIA TV, MEGA, SKAI and STAR.

In the context of offering high-quality and innovative services, since 2009 that we begun operating, we serve the vision of providing television services that fulfill the needs of every viewer in any area within Greece. Our company's name derives from the words Digital and Gaia [earth], symbolizing the digital terrestrial platform.

Our company's core service offerings involve networking, multiplexing and broadcasting for nationwide as well as privately-owned regional television stations in Greece. Cooperation with the channels is made by the relevant decisions of E.E.T.T. (J.M.D. 716-003/30-04-2014, J.M.D. 716-007/30-04-2014) and under specific terms laid down in the company's service agreement with the channels (information services here)

In other words, by making optimal use of our advanced technical equipment, our sophisticated logistical infrastructure and our qualified personnel, at Digea we "built" Greece's new, progressive television network and transfer channel content as it is delivered to us. We constantly invest in the infrastructure and the development of an advanced digital broadcasting network for the transfer of better-quality content [in terms of reception] towards viewers.

On February 7, 2014 we were granted exclusive spectrum usage rights for all nationwide and regional broadcasts, meaning that we undertook the digital switchover project as a whole and are responsible for digital terrestrial broadcasting of all of the country's free privately-owned television stations. A project of great value and significance, a landmark for Greek television.