Welcome to the digital era!


November 2020

From the 6th of Νοvember, started the 2nd Digital Transition in accordance with the decisions of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017 and the modified frequency map as defined in JM 18/2020, Government Gazette B '1752, 7/5/2020, JMC 22176, GG B 3011 8/7/2021 and JMC 36/2021 30/09/2021 [only available in greek]

The transition to the new frequencies of the country started from islands of the north eastern Aegean and gradually in a period of ~ 11 months completed throughout the country.

February 2015

The switchover from analogue to digital technology is successfully completed with the sixth and final switch-off where 53 broadcasting centres in Northeastern Greece are concurrently activated. In total, 156 transmission centres throughout the country give access to the digital television signal to over 96% of the country’s population and Greece officially enters the digital era.

February 2014

On the 7th, following the Hellenic Telecommunication and Post Commission's [E.E.T.T.] Plenary decision, and after verification of the qualification criteria, we are granted all spectrum usage rights of national and regional coverage, with the objective of developing the digital terrestrial television network of Greece.

September 2009

On the 24th we carried out the country's first switch-off.

Acting in accordance to the standards and legislation [the framework] of the country's digital switchover, as set by the State, the first digital telecast for privately-owned nationwide TV channels commences through our company from the broadcasting centre "Xylokastro".

Subsequently, based on Joint Ministerial Decisions concerning both the transitional period from the analogue to the digital television signal, for a smoother switchover, and for the overall project as defined by the International Telecommunication Union [I.T.U.], we activate 13 broadcasting centres throughout the country giving access to the digital terrestrial television signal to 70% of the population.

June 2009

The nationwide private television stations ALPHA, ALTER, ANTENNA, MAKEDONIA TV, MEGA, SKAI and STAR go ahead and form Digea - Digital Services Provider S.A.