Welcome to the digital era!

Our role

As of February 7, 2014 we have been granted all frequency spectrum usage rights of national and regional coverage (J.M.D. 716-003/30-04-2014, J.M.D. 716-007/30-04-2014). This means that as a company we are responsible for the handling of the digital terrestrial spectrum that corresponds to privately-owned television stations for the next 15 years, as well as the development of the digital terrestrial television network in Greece for these TV stations. A network which will set the basis of the advanced, free television and any further advancement.

Our role in this project labeled digital terrestrial television is separated into three parts: Switchover actualization, audience information [viewers and market] and advanced television services providing.

Switchover actualization

To bring the digital switchover through, at Digea we need the most of our qualified human resources’ know-how and our advanced technical equipment while we bear the necessary infrastructure.

In every stage and process of the digital switchover, the involvement and activation of all employees as a team is unquestioned. With great dedication, our people work in order to bring the digital signal to most of places all over the country, with the least possible involvement from the Greek viewers. Our goal is to make digital television accessible to every home, thus upgrading the daily television experience.

The digital broadcasting network is developed according to European legislation and to Joint Ministerial Decisions announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks in cooperation with the Minister of State. In these J.M.D., all mandatory elements are defined, such as the number of broadcasting centers, their location, transmission limits, geographical coverage, the time frame, etc. In other words, each of our actions involving the development of the network falls under Greek and European legislation.

More details regarding Joint Ministerial Decisions [J.M.D.] can be found in section “Institutional framework”.

Information - Guidance

In this historic moment of television, besides bringing the transition to the digital era as smoothly as possible, we also undertake the task of accurately informing the country’s television viewers.

Our communication agenda includes an informative TV commercial campaign, print material, online presence [website and social media] and a helpline. At the same time, we are also in direct contact with all involved responsible bodies and the market for all necessary actions that need to performed in every stage of the digital switchover.

Furthermore, targeted actions take place in close cooperation with representatives of each area’s local government. The goal of these targeted actions is to accurately inform the portion of the population affected from the ceasing of the analogue signal and the transition to digital terrestrial television so that it can adjust on time.

With directness and clarity we provide data for the digital switchover in the Greek territory. We answer questions regarding our operation and provide any necessary information about innovations and technological advancements in the digital world, that concern and affect the daily routine of us all.

The digital switchover is not a simple change, nor is easy. The entrance to the digital era is a historic television moment for the country.

As a company, we feel obliged to inform you, to explain and to guide so that you make the right choices and live an exquisite television experience, by making the most of the new technology’s capabilities.

Television services

By changing from analogue terrestrial to digital terrestrial television, the viewing experience also changes. It improves.

As a company, we use the most recent technology, not only for excellent signal quality and content reception, but also for the reinforcement of an interactive television environment. We support a pioneering and technologically advanced television service that is friendly and affordable to everyone. We offer new services such as the Electronic Program Guide [EPG] that turn the television set into an “active” window to the world and to a dynamic, interactive environment for all.

Irrespective of duties and responsibilities, our people contribute in the realization of the company’s vision and the overall evolution of the services we provide.

Note: Joint Ministerial Decisions are only available in Greek.