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User questions

Bad weather conditions may weaken digital signal reception, therefore if you are in an area with marginal coverage the signal may indeed be lost.

If however, you are within an area of digital signal coverage and the picture is lost or “freezes”, check your installation for any modifications. It may be that your aerial’s direction has changed due to strong winds or some cable may be cut or disconnected.


If you are watching a program where picture and sound are not synchronized, turn your decoder off for a few minutes and then back on.

If the problem persists, try erasing the channels from the decoder’s memory and then reinstall [rescan] them.

If the problem is still not solved, contact the retailer from which you bought the decoder.


You can find all channels that have the EPG service activated here.


To be able to view information in Greek, make sure that your digital receiver supports the Greek language and set it in this particular mode.

Even if it does support Greek, it is possible that the decoder chooses English by default. In any case, you can refer to the user’s manual.

The Electronic Program Guide [EPG] service is provided by our company in Greek and English for both nationwide and regional privately-owned channels.


If there is a slight change in a channel’s program flow [i.e. late start], the information provided by the EPG service may not match [synchronized]. This is a problem sourcing exclusively from the information TV stations provide us with and not from us or your receiver. As a company, we broadcast the television programs that the channels send us.


If your receiver supports HD resolution, in order to view your favorite programs in HD, you need to rescan your receiver.


To view TV channels in High Definition, first of all the content broadcasted from each TV station should be in HD and secondly your TV should be capable of displaying in HD [i.e. older TV sets with bulbs do not support this type of picture technology].


It's possivble that your receiver doesn't support HD technology. In order to make sure that this is the case you have to check your receiver's manual. If you don't want to have the no data HD channels you can delete them.


In Greece, cable TV is available on a very limited scale. Indicatively, areas supporting cable technology are Plaka, Exarcheia and Kolonaki, for which responsible is the borough of Attica. However, other municipalities in other areas of Greece also offer this service.