Welcome to the digital era!

Software update

Digital terrestrial television is an important technological advancement of this beloved medium.

It offers a livelier picture, cleaner sound, and it is also capable of enriching viewing through the various advanced services offered. The major benefit of this technology however, is its potential. In digital TV, important future discoveries can be integrated in terms of technology and services. To put it simply, the more technology progresses, the better the television experience becomes.

As a company, we monitor, participate and adopt the developments so that we are entirely consistent with this grandiose project called digital terrestrial television of Greece. We use the latest equipment which we constantly upgrade in order to offer the most advanced services.

At the same time we are constantly in contact with the market, informing our audience about requirements and any new advancements, while we simultaneously receive comments regarding the peoples’ television experience, which we respond promptly and effectively.

In this subsection, having received the relative feedback from importers and merchants, whenever necessary we will provide links of companies so that you can upgrade your receivers’ [TVs, external decoders] software. It is worth noting that receiver malfunctions may be a result of older software/firmware versions which need to be updated.

Our goal is for your devices to be in total compatibility with digital terrestrial television technology and for you to enjoy your favorite programs seamlessly.

Firmware updates available

Currently, no update is required for your television receiver’s software/firmware.