Welcome to the digital era!

Merchants - importers

In Greece, the PAL B [Phase Alternating Line B] colour encoding system is used for analogue TV program broadcast, and to date all TV sets purchased and used throughout the country bear this format.

For digital terrestrial television however, the technology is different. Resulting from the co-decision made by all involved bodies in order for our country to have a modern digital platform, the format and encoding protocol chosen is DVB-T MPEG-4 or H.264. From here onwards, new TV sets as well as decoders [receivers] used for older TVs, should support this technology.

Regarding new TV models, it is worth noting that they possess the required technology since the digitalization of the television signal is a worldwide project that has started in 2006. The only difference among countries and continents is the encoding system they use. For example, in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, most countries use the same format and encoding protocol as Greece, which is DVB-T MPEG-4. On the other hand, in Japan and in most South American countries, the ISDB-T system has been selected, China uses the DΤMB and North America the ATSC.

The various systems used around the world are shown in the map below.


As merchants, importers and TV and decoder suppliers, when you place orders, the only thing that you will need to confirm is that you choose models with the correct -for our country- format and encoding protocol. That is, the DVB-T MPEG-4.

As you schedule your next professional actions, you may refer to subsection “Next transition point” to be informed about the next area in which transmission of the digital signal will commence, and to subsection “Timetable” for the whole country’s switchover timetable.

Finally, in subsection “Software update” you can find company links for the latest software updates, when and if these are necessary.