Welcome to the digital era!

Businesses - institutions

In Greece, tourism is one of the strongest business industries since it strengthens the economy significantly both in terms of income as well as human resource utilization.

One of the benefits of the digital switchover is that, after its completion, the digital terrestrial television signal will even reach distant areas of the country, a feature highly useful to hotels and accommodation sites that include TVs in the services they offer.

Respectively, this aspect of television becomes valuable to businesses that consist of facilities with a large number of TV sets, such as hospitals, child and elder care institutions, etc., within which an important part of entertainment for the people they look after is based on television programs and shows.

For the cases where your facilities include a large number of TV sets, the following ways of digital signal reception are proposed:

  • If there is a central cable installation, the reception and distribution of the digital signal can be undertaken using this current cable network. 
    • If all TV sets include an integrated MPEG-4 digital receiver, then each TV operates independently without the need to make any alterations in the installation.
    • If the TV sets are of older technology and do not possess MPEG-4 receivers, you will then need to connect external decoders. In this case, there are three options:
      • For the independent operation [program display] of each TV, you may connect one decoder to every television.
      • Alternatively, you may add digital decoders in the central installation, with the number of receivers equaling the number of TV channels you wish to receive [i.e. one decoder and one modulator for every TV channel]. With this solution, although you will need to retune every TV receiver in each room, no additional equipment is required in the rooms.
      • To save even more on equipment you may place only one decoder in the central installation and manage the TV content from there. With this solution however, all TVs will “play” the same channel, therefore this solution is not recommended.
  • In the case where there is subscription TV [pay TV] in the rooms, you may receive all nationwide TV channels that broadcast through Digea, via the subscription TV without the need to make any changes in the installation. It is likely however, that you may need to contact the installation technician so he reexamines the installation to tell you if and what additional equipment might be needed.
  • If there is no cable or satellite TV, one option is to connect an internal antenna [aerial] to each device [and external digital MPEG-4 decoder if the TV does not have an internal one]. In this case, every TV will project programs independently, however the spot where the antenna will be placed is important. We recommend that you prefer higher points without obstacles and not lower ones behind objects.

Note that the market offers remote controls gathering functions of various devices for single handling. In other words, with one remote you and your clients may use the TV, the external decoder and any other device that has a remote [e.g. hi-fi, air-conditioner, etc.].

The abovementioned digital signal reception methods are of general guidance and can be followed by everyone. It is important however, to contact qualified technicians so that they present you the optimum solution for you or a better one, tailored even further to your and your facility’s needs.