Welcome to the digital era!

Coverage map

Following the regional conference of the International Telecommunication Union [I.T.U.] for the digitization of the television signal, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and the Minister of State went on to form the digital map of Greece, which is defined in the Joint Ministerial Decision 42800/5-10-2012, G.G. 2704/Β’/5-10-2012*, also based on J.M.D. 21161/12-8-2008, G.G. 1680/Β’/20-8-2008* in conjunction with article 14 of Law 3592/18-7-2007, G.G. 161/Α’/19-7-2007.

According to the frequency map, for the completion of the analogue to the digital signal switchover, a total of 156 broadcasting centres should be activated all over the country.

By entering your town or municipality, you can get informed about your area's digital coverage, the broadcasting centre from which you receive the digital signal and the preferable [suggested] broadcasting centre if there is more than one available for your area.

* Joint Ministerial Decisions [links] are only available in Greek.


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