Terms of Use

DIGEA Digital Services Provider S.A., the company that created the Digea.gr website, offers its services under the following terms of use which, the visitor/user of the web pages is invited to read carefully and proceed with visiting/using the Digea.gr web pages/services only if he/she fully accepts such terms of use.


DIGEA provides visitors/users of the Digea.gr website with a broad range of services, web pages, options and/or resources including various communication tools, electronic sites for mass access and communication between users, services/web pages of personal interest and content. The Digea.gr web pages may include advertisements of any kind. The current services as well as any new services to be included in Digea.gr are subject to these terms of use, unless otherwise expressly stated. The visitor/user of the Digea.gr services understands and accepts that the whole content of all pages/services is being provided “as it is” and Digea.gr disclaims any responsibility related to the time limit, deletion, poor performance or inability of electronic storage of any data of the users and/or any content of services/pages of personal interest. The visitor/user is responsible when accessing the Digea.gr services and such access may result in charges from third parties [e.g. Internet services providers, charges for online access]. The visitor/user is solely responsible for the payment of the relevant charges. In addition, the visitor/user is solely responsible for his personal equipment with the necessary technological means which allow him/her access to the Digea.gr services.


In case the visitor/user wishes to register to the Digea.gr service(s), he/she agrees to: a] provide true, accurate, valid and complete information regarding the data requested by Digea.gr when the visitor/user applies for access to its content/services and b] maintain and diligently update his/hers registration details in order to keep all information true, accurate, valid, updated and complete.

Intellectual Property Rights – trademarks

Apart from the exceptions explicitly mentioned [copyright of third parties, business associates and institutions], the whole content of Digea.gr, including images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, services provided and, in general, the whole content of all files and archives in this website is protected by copyright and trademarks of Digea.gr, under the provisions of Greek law, EU law and the relevant international treaties. Accordingly, the above may in no way be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or “uploaded”, transmitted or distributed, in whole or in part. The storage of a single copy of part of the content on a personal computer, for personal and not public or commercial use, without deletion of the indication of origin from Digea.gr, is excluded from the above prohibition, while the relevant intellectual property rights are in no way affected. Other products or services mentioned in the Digea.gr web pages, bearing the trademarks of other organizations, companies, affiliates, associations or publications, are covered by the intellectual property of the respective entities/persons which/who have full responsibility for their products and services. The user/member understands and accepts that he/she is not granted any right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and/or commercially exploit, in any way, the whole or part of the Digea.gr content.

Limitation of Liability

Given the nature and the size of the Internet, under no circumstances, including negligence, may Digea.gr be held liable for any damages suffered by the visitor/user of the web pages, services, options and content of Digea.gr, on which he/she browses on his/her own initiative. The content of Digea.gr is being provided “as it is” without any warrantee, expressed or implied, in any manner. To the maximum extent and in accordance with the law, Digea.gr denies any warranty, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, to those implying marketability and suitability for a specific purpose.

Digea.gr does not warrant that the web pages, services, options and content will be provided without any interruption, errors and those errors will be corrected. Moreover, Digea.gr does not warrant that Digea.gr or any other affiliated website, or the servers, through which the abovementioned are made available to visitors/users, do not contain “viruses” or other harmful components. Under no circumstances does Digea.gr warrant the correctness, completeness and/or availability of the content, web pages, services, options or their results. The cost of any corrections or further services shall be borne by the visitor/user and in no case by Digea.gr.

Exclusion of liability for information/advice

The Digea.gr content and information is offered to the visitor/user of Digea.gr and to the community of Internet users in general, and in no case may this information be considered valid and/or advice or concealed incitement to take, or abstain from, any specific action. Digea.gr undertakes the collection, processing and distribution of its content, but, in no case does it warrant its perfection, completeness, sufficiency and its suitability in general, nor the absence of possible errors, particularly due to its large volume and the participation of third parties [natural persons or legal entities] during its production and collection. As a result, it is the responsibility of the visitors/users of Digea.gr, who are using its services on their own initiative, to verify the information provided.

“Links” to other websites

Digea.gr does not control the availability, the content, the data protection policy, the quality and the completeness of the services provided by other websites and web pages to which Digea.gr directs its users/members through “links”, hyperlinks or banner advertisements. Therefore, the user shall refer directly to the respective websites and web pages, which are fully responsible for the provision of their own services, regarding any problem that will occur during their visit/use. Digea.gr shall in no case be considered that it endorses or accepts the content or services of the websites and web pages to which it refers the users/members, or that there is any link whatsoever between Digea.gr and such websites and web pages.

Services and web pages of personal interest and content

The user/member understands and accepts that Digea.gr may adopt new terms of use of its services, including the term referring to the time period during which the electronic messages [e-mail], messages [forum], user pages, and/or any other content posted and/or shared by the user/member will be available in the Digea.gr services. In addition, Digea.gr reserves the right to modify the limit regarding the volume and number of electronic messages [e-mail] that can be sent by each user/member account and the volume and number of messages and/or any other content posted and shared by the user/member. Digea.gr reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the storage limit for the content that it provides through its services to users/members. Users/members understand and accept that Digea.gr reserves the right to deactivate e-mail accounts that remain inactive for a long period [more than 6 months].


Digea.gr provides visitors/users with the option to create their own message boards and, at the same time, the right to take part in message board discussions created by other users by sending text messages. The visitors/users of Digea.gr must follow the rules of good behavior and decency, and not use any illegal or immoral wording. Digea.gr reserves the right to prohibit or discontinue the display of the text message in case of violation of the above terms. Digea.gr shall in no case be deemed as accepting or in any way endorsing any personal ideas or perceptions expressed by visitors/users therein. The visitors/users of the respective services reserve their copyright on the opinions expressed in their messages. Should Digea.gr receive a notification that the content of any message posted/shared by members/users offends third parties, Digea.gr reserves the right to immediately delete such message or even the account of the user who created it.

Applicable law and other terms

These terms and conditions of Digea.gr, as well as any modification thereof, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and the relevant international treaties. In case any of these terms of use contradicts the law, such term shall immediately cease to be valid and shall be removed from the version in force, without this affecting in any way the validity of the other terms. These terms of use constitute the entire agreement between Digea.gr and the visitor/user of its web pages and are binding between them only. No modification of these terms of use shall be taken into account and be part of this agreement, unless modified in writing and incorporated herein.