Technological evolution

Technology is an integral part of our lives and has contributed to the creation and evolution of today’s Digital Terrestrial Television. By using new technologies, television has evolved and has transitioned from the analogue to the digital era, leading to a number of important innovations.

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT or DTTV) is part of the constantly advancing telecommunications technologies.

Bringing new possibilities for technological innovation and advanced services due to more efficient use of the radio spectrum, DTT allows more channels to be broadcast using the same spectral space and combined with the lower energy consumption of the modern transmitter systems, makes television a more environmentally friendly activity.

Digital Terrestrial Television is an important part of our daily life in our country, offering significant benefits for the viewers and the society, such as:
1 High Definition quality video and audio
2 Less interference on signal reception
3 New services such as Electronic Program Guide (EPG), subtitling service, hybrid television
4 Ability to connect the TV to the Internet
5 Broadcast of multiple programs through the same Transmitter Site
6 Energy saving in Transmitter Sites

Since its launch, digital television continues to be a major source of entertainment and enjoyment of television content.

At Digea we are constantly working on advancing DTT and offering new services to viewers, transforming the world of television into a digital world!

Hybrid Television (HbbTV)

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) is a new content broadcasting standard that allows watching programs received through broadcasting as well as content received over the internet (broadband).

Available content may include video-on-demand, enhanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG), interactive advertising, games, social media and other multimedia applications that combine multiple content formats, such as animation, images, text, audio and video.

Hybrid TV is available either via Smart TVs or through home receivers-decoders (set-top-boxes) with internet connection (Ethernet / Wi-Fi), by pressing the red button on the remote control while watching TV channels that offer hybrid TV services.

The viewers are then presented with the relevant menu of the HbbTV application and select the content of their choice. The selected content is accessed via Internet and shown on the TV without the need for any other action, and thus begins the enjoyment of hybrid TV!