Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at Digea acknowledge the value of social responsibility with sensitivity and mindfulness.


Informing the public about issues related to the use of new technologies in the television “world” has been a top priority for Digea since our beginning.

During this entire journey of technology changes, transitions and switch-overs that have led to the modern digital era, our volunteers have contributed actively by informing people in various organizations and institutes, such as Elderly Open Care Centers (K.A.P.I. in Greek), about the upcoming changes and how they will be able to adapt and keep up with the new technology of digital terrestrial television.

By offering free equipment, such as decoder set-top boxes and TV sets, we act with social awareness, in order to contribute to society through our role.

We care and continue to act socially responsibly through Corporate Responsibility Programs whenever possible and we will keep contributing to our society, humanely.


We fully acknowledge how valuable the environment is for all of us!

This is why we promote actions that contribute to a healthier environment!

We are proud to have reduced the energy consumption of our transmitter sites during the digital transition, by investing in cutting-edge technologies that not only serve our purpose but benefit the environment as well.

We carry on by adhering to strict operation standards for our transmitter sites and environmentally friendly maintenance procedures.

We encourage our people to act in an environmentally responsible way.

  • We practice recycling in our workplace, having special bins for recycling paper, batteries, light bulbs as well as small electric appliances and handing over the collected materials to a recycling company.
  • We collect plastic bottle caps and offer them to organizations that use them to finance wheelchair donations.