How to tune your receiver, easy and simple!
How to tune your receiver, easy and simple!
1 Press the Menu button of your receiver (using the remote of your TV set or of your set-top-box)
2 Select “Installation” if you have an external decoder or “Settings” if you have a TV set with an integrated decoder (1). Now you have the following options depending on your device:
3 Perform “automatic scan/search”.
4 In this case the receiver automatically finds and stores all available programs.
Perform “manual scan/search”.
1 In this case the receiver stores the programs in a specific frequency.
2 At the end of the process press OK/YES.
3 Select Exit.

You are all set to watch the program you want!


How to reset your receiver to factory settings
1 Select Factory Settings in Tools tab and press ΟΚ.
2 Confirm your selection by clicking Yes.
3 If prompted for a password, press 0-0-0-0 or 1-2-3-4.
4 In the initial installation tab, select the language you want and click ΟΚ.
5 When the initial scan is complete, click ΟΚ to watch the program you want (1) .

(1) Each device and/or brand differs and may therefore follow a different procedure for scanning and storing channels. The following steps depict the most commonly used wordings, therefore if you require more specific information you may have to refer to the operating manual of your device.

Common problems that you may encounter and their possible solutions

The name of the TV program appears correct. I see a black screen with no sound.

Delete all stored programs and perform a new program search/scan. Alternatively, you can reset your receiver to its “factory settings” and then proceed with a new “automatic search/scan” (1) .

The name of the TV program appears normally. I see a black screen with normal sound.

If the Transmitter Sites that serve your location broadcast TV stations in High Definition, it is likely that your device does not support High Definition signal reception.


You can continue to watch your favorite programs in Standard Definition, or you can get a decoder that supports High Definition (HD) signal reception. 



After an automatic search/scan process, your receiver may have changed the order in which the TV stations were stored in your device. To change this order, follow these steps:

How do I change the order my favorite TV programs appear on my device?
1 Press menu or settings on your remote
2 Select the setting “edit channels”
3 Now you can put the TV stations in the order you want(1)


For more information continue to Frequently Asked Questions.

(1) As this procedure differs for each receiver, we suggest that you consult the instructions manual of your device.